master of fine arts, western university, london, canada

diplom fuer bildende kuenste, braunschweig university of art, germany

studied fine arts/painting at the ual: wimbledon college of arts (fka wimbledon school of arts), london, united kingdom

group exhibitions (selection):

passwort 4, galerie kunsttempel, kassel, germany

2019 - 2014
travelling exhibition project (c):

please refer to section "projects" on this website for more information

seasons & directions, die lange nacht der illustration 2019, supalife, berlin, germany
seasons & directions, gallery mazekoze, nagano, japan
platz 71. kuenstlerbuecher, bok galerie, offenbach am main, germany
pop up exhibition: seasons & directions, eyelevel, halifax, canada
seasons & directions, book arts library at massey college, toronto, canada
soiree reading, boehlen, germany
exhibition and artist talk, the box of delights bookshop, wolfville, canada
reading and book showing, lexicon books, lunenburg, canada
jahresrichtungen himmelszeiten, print and book studio druckfeld, goerlitz, germany
seasons: artists’ books from the four phases of the year, pointyhead press gallery, toronto, canada
____ office, erfrischungsraum, lucerne, switzerland
travelling exhibition and gathering, mon ton gallery, toronto, canada

past forward, artlab gallery, london, canada

body transformation performance, multiple places, toronto, canada

nachgeschmack (aftertaste), mcintosh gallery, london, canada (dvd)
teen idols, mfa thesis exhibition, artlab gallery, london, canada (c)

all together now, artlab gallery, london, canada
pictures and questions, the cohen explorations program, artlab gallery, london, canada (c)

cvsbgs, braunschweig university of art, germany

about, nord/lb art gallery, hanover, germany
lovely shanghai music berlin, vertretung des landes niedersachsen beim bund, berlin, germany
lovely shanghai music, shanghai himalayas museum (zendai moma), shanghai, china
katja 2, vitrine, braunschweig university of art, germany (c)

plattform #2, kunstverein hanover, germany
920 kilograms art exhibition, shanghai duolun museum of modern art, shanghai, china
erasmus exhibition, ual: wimbledon college of arts (fka wimbledon school of arts), london, united kingdom

yellow pages, musée d´art moderne et contemporain (mamco), geneva, switzerland (c)
mal 3, galerie auf zeit, braunschweig, germany
home alone, stiftung starke, berlin, germany
erdmoebel, hanover, germany

never mind your step, kulturhaus palazzo - kunsthalle, liestal/basel, switzerland

frozen microwave music, gasthof 2002, städelschule, frankfurt am main, germany (lp)
you won’t know when, you won’t know where,
you won’t know who and you won’t know why, dukwon gallery, seoul, south-korea


artist groups:

joined the artist group team 404

joined the film collective sector 16


curated shows:

special exhibition/artists from london uk, kunstklub berlin*, germany
neon vision, kunstklub berlin*, germany

*founder member of kunstklub berlin (2005-2009), contemporary art gallery, berlin, germany


scholarships and awards:

mary routledge fellowship at the university of western ontario, london, canada

foreign exchange scholarship at the ual: wimbledon college of arts (fka wimbledon school of arts), london, united kingdom


screenings and film festivals (selection):

please refer to section “film & video” on this website


publications (selection):

travel exhibition catalogue 2014 - 2020 / by manuela buechting, deer press october 2020,, pliezhausen, germany, c2020 (c)

c ( cupid/circle ), summer-travelling exhibition / curated by manu buechting, 2014-2019 (c)

nachgeschmack (aftertaste), london, canada, 2009 (dvd)

exploring the visual representation of teen idols / by katja beneke, london, canada: school of graduate and postdoctoral studies, university
of western ontario, c2009 (c)

pictures and questions: the cohen explorations seminar examines pictorial construction 2008, london, canada, 2008 (c)

katja beneke/treibeis / by kunstwissenschaft/projekte, braunschweig university of art, 2006 (i)

kristin abel/katja beneke / by kunstwissenschaft/projekte, braunschweig university of art, 2006 (i)

die vitrine als spielraum fuer text und licht, critique by helena kurotschkin & christin wähner, coop project by judith hartstang & victoria romei,
vitrine, weidenhof, braunschweig university of art, germany, 2006 (c)

yellow pages / by john armleder & team 404: jrp/ringier/ecart publications, 2005 (c)

frozen microwave music / by team 404 & john armleder : villa magica records, 2002 (lp)

15th braunschweig international filmfestival, germany, 2001 (c)


c = catalog/printmedia
dvd = digital video disc
i = interview
lp= long-playing record